HUD Consultants License Number 203K-P1215

Suburban Homes

Detailed Home Inspections

The most expensive lifetime investment many people make is when they buy a home. Whether it is a new build or existing property, structural and mechanical integrity is paramount. At Double Portions, LLC we make sure the American dream does not become a nightmare with very thorough home inspections from the foundation to the roof. Our accredited home inspectors follow standardized home inspection protocol as established by the American Society of Home Inspection. Our staff personally reviews all details of the property with you to ensure you understand all aspects and are equipped to make an informed decision. In addition to discovering the true condition of your potential property, we work with new buyers by assisting in either the negotiation of a lower purchase price or upgrading and fixing existing problems.

Scope Of Inspection

We do a full inspection, covering the following areas:

  • Traverse Roofs, Attics, Crawl Spaces
  • Electrical Boxes & Wiring
  • Furnace Heat Exchangers, Heat Pumps & Air Conditioning
  • Operation Of Installed Appliances & Equipment
  • Structural Foundation
  • Digital Photographs Of Property
  • Electronic & Written Reports
  • Constant Communication With Client Through Secure Website
  • Basement & Crawl Space Areas


  • RE/MAX
  • Century 21
  • Coldwell Banker/King Thompson
  • Vision Realty
  • Raglin Group, Ltd
  • Art Lee Realty, Inc.
  • The Donald Company REALTORS®
  • Terry & Company REALTORS®