HUD Consultants License Number 203K-P1215

Home Inspector

Skilled Home Inspectors

The most expensive investment most people will make in their lives is the purchase of their home. Whether you're building a new home or buying an existing property, checking the structural and mechanical integrity is paramount. At Double Portions, LLC we're in the business of providing excellence in the field of real estate inspections. It is our mission to raise the standard of service in our industry by keeping communication open, serving you quickly, and documenting the inspections thoroughly for commercial, new construction, existing homes, and rehab properties. We are a thriving, rapidly growing business with an expected growth of 65% over the next two years, and our home inspectors are here to help you.

Existing Homes

We go over all the details of the property with you and ensure you understand any visual limitations. In addition to discovering the true condition of the potential property by assisting in either the negotiation of a lower purchase price or upgrading and fixing existing problems.

New Builds

Having a new home built can be a very expensive, time-consuming proposition. We take the headache out of new construction by working carefully with the builder to ensure your home is on schedule and within budget. We have routine meetings with the builder and client, ensuring the highest quality of service and good workmanship. We inspect the new home based on blueprints and specifications. Any change or amendment specification should be made to your builder in writing. Our three-phase inspection process for new construction includes:

  • Structural & Foundation
  • Specification & Compliance
  • Final Construction